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Smart Growth News - Woodward Ave. Light Rail project moves forward

  1. Mix Land Uses
  2. Take Advantage of Compact Building Design
  3. Create a Range of Housing Opportunities and Choices
  4. Create Walkable Communities
  5. Foster Distinctive, Attractive Communities With A Strong Sense of Place
  6. Preserve Open Space, Farmland, Natural Beauty, and Critical Environmental Areas
  7. Strengthen and Direct Development Toward Existing Communities
  8. Provide a Variety of Transportation Options
  9. Make Development Decisions Predictable, Fair and Cost Effective
  10. Encourage Community and Stakeholder Collaboration in Development Decisions

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The "Smart Growth" Initiative

Guide for "Sustainable" Development for generations to come. 

FACT:  Michigan is losing greenspace and farmland at 8 times the rate of the states population growth, due to sprawling development!


EPA - The issues

Michigan Land Use Institute

Smart Growth America

Planetizen - urban development

Michigan Land Use Leadership Council

Sustainable Communities Network

Citizens Guide to land use

Smart Growth?


In Principle


In Practice

Realtor Involvement


We track and inventory sites and vintage structures which are suitable for redevelopment for higher density multiple family living as well as mixed uses.

Listed Sites are available with sewer, water, zoning, some located within Qualified Census Tracts for tax credit financing for affordable housing - family or senior citizen.

Give us a call - we can guide you to a good property for your redevelopment project.


Jackson High School

The recent remodeling and restoration of this great 1920's building has been the talk of Michigan "smart growth" advocates.

This reinvestment proved to be - Cost effective and an efficient use of resources / infrastructure, maintains an urban core location, supports achieving a more walkable community, provides multiple transportation options,  promotes a greater sense of community, preserves existing mixed land uses, will strengthen and direct other development toward the existing community.

Well Done!

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